Hi. My name is Jon Glarbo. I am a graphic and type designer; I also work with illustrations and photography.
As a designer I have worked since 2003.

My specialities are custom designed logos and type. As I develop everything from scratch the design is a 100% original, so I can give it the precise brand values and details which make a recognizable and strong identity.
Also on my list of competence are custom designed typefaces for companies. This can be a very good solution for lager companies where it would lead to considerable expenses to pay royalties for font licenses for all their users. By getting a customized font the licenses are owned by the company and royalties don´t need to be paid. Your personal company font provides a strong identity and branding.

09-2010 Graduated with a Master of Arts (HBO) from the renowned study class TYPE ] MEDIA at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands. 04-2007 Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Graphic school, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Previously I attended art classes extensively where I studied drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture and classical animation among others.

I have worked both as a freelancer and for studios.
Find some selected ones below:

Mouse lab, Pleks, Scandinavian Branding, Utopia Design

Dansk Danseteater, 4nn4, Albertslund municipality, Chocoma, Citiexpo, Comefly, Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, Danish Center for Design , Green Door, Guld og Sølv Danmark, Kunsten Stiger, Market Maker, Nordic Conference 12, Ole John Film, Susanne Friis Bjørner, The Wistar Institute, Vibeke Glarbo, Wear Wolf, Ziegler Kundenschreiner

All my teachers from TYPE ] MEDIA:
Erik van Blokland, Paul van der Laan, Jan Willem Stas, Peter Verheul, Françoise Berserik, Christoph Noordzij, Peter Biľak, Just van Rossum, Frank E. Blokland, Fred Smeijers, Petr van Blokland and
Gerard Unger.

Also a big thanks to my college and co-designer: Henrik Bjørner.